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black colored items to wear of the party

So, 3.5 years ago, I met a woman in a Starbucks. I was dressed like I got dressed in a pitch black room but nonetheless, she started talking... 15 minutes turned to an hour, which turned into the day and then a weekend. We exchanged numbers she came to visit me a couple times and I guess she kinda liked me because she kept coming back around. Well, in a short period of time, we spoke everyday, every night and even became a situation where we watched each other sleep over skype lol (a little excessive actually, you could have said we were a little obsessed ? )

In a short period of time, We both found peace, excitement and great joy in each others company. The Universe felt right for the FIRST TIME EVER! Which, for those who know me, know how complicated and stressful my life really is. Well, to move this story along. She made me feel complete. Like I am not such a bad guy. So in a down pour at the place that would be one of the most significant places in my life, I asked her to marry me. The first 10 seconds she starred, FELT LIKE FOREVER! Then she cried (sorry Honey, gotta state the facts) I knew that my life was going to change in the most profound way! With the help with our cherished friends we crashed Multnomah Falls, and we were Married that following month! It was the perfect wedding that represented us in a very personal and symbolic way! That day was Today 3 years ago. black colored items to wear of the party

Van We have been through so many ups and downs in 3 years of marriage but EVERY TIME, no matter what, you and I stand stronger, closer. With Trust, Respect and Love, we have turned our chaotic lives into something amazing, teamwork, family, friendship on a whole different level (well mostly because you let me touch your butt but that is neither here nor there). Fact is, I love you. I cherish what we have. Thank you for being there and kicking me in the butt when I need it. Thank you for everything! Thank you for you being you! Happy Anniversary Honey. You are the most amazing woman I have ever known!