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black colored items to wear that looks sexy

So everyday I drive to work.. I cross the Homestead Bridge.. and I look forward to seeing the river with its beautiful senery.. I've always imagined having the time to be able to stop and take pictures.. and while I was on my way to the adult store "The Outer Skin For The Inner You"(WHICH IS AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING STORE, they have anything and everything you'd need for adult play time... BUT they also have unique, beautiful costumes and dresses I've never seen anywhere else!! ) I was there the other week and they had a dress that I decided, if it was still there after I got paid, I would buy it.. on my way I crossed the bridge and saw the glorious sunset and thought once again... what it would be like to stop and take the pictures I've always longed for... Something clicked in my head.. I was going to do it and I was so excited!! I parked my car and ran to the other side of the bridge taking pictures as I went, for I was losing precious day light, and I was listening to Flyleaf... it was one of the most peaceful moments of my life.. and felt so fulfilling to do something I'll always dreamed of.. even if it was just taking these pictures. I even stood on the bridge's street lights to get the best shots.. cars driving by probably were wondering what this crazy girl was doing. And I am also proud to say I'm an officially an owner of my first little black dress black colored items to wear that looks sexy <3 . The store had it.. and everything today was just so positive.. with impacting people and new experiences. So today's lesson is... if there is anything you've been thinking about doing for yourself.. but held off for one reason or another.. Embrace it, because it's one of the greatest feelings of self accomplishment, in the average day to day hustle and bustle ^_^