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hi low prom dresses

Last time I gotta come to court for this pathetic reason.
Some men are so selfish and money hungry.
Nevermind that my daughter was always out of sight, out of mind. Living off of $279/mo for 10 while years while he was in Germany. And nevermind that he ignored her for 2 whole years starting a week before her 10th birthday when they finally corrected the amount. Childish to take it out on your daughter.
Now he's upset with Her bc she just don't feel comfortable with him due to his odd behavior around her. Hello! She's the child!! Not you!!
Last 4 months til 18 yrs old and he wants low payments by more than half while he lives in luxury apartments with 2 vehicles, high tech electronics, and the best clothes. Then he denies taking her to get a prom dress! Then he denies picking her up from school and taking her to work leaving her "to figure it out"! hi low prom dresses
Then tell her he wants her to spend this weekend with her. Then pouts bc she just doesnt want to be in his company as he behaves like a child around her!!!
What happens when she flat out doesnt see him after shes 18. Cant blame this Mama Bear then can you!!!

You're ruining her senior year on purpose bc youre selfish and constantly looking for pity!! Grow up already. But you won't tell ppl everything YOU have done so they can feel sorry for you. How pathetic you've become.
You did this to yourself!! YOU alienated yourself from TWO of your kids All By Yourself! So own it! For once in your life take responsibility!!! And stop seeking out pity. You do not wear it well!


And despite living without your help for our daughter for 15 YEARS before you were dumped and finally came around, doing it all by myself, I've Never been whiny little Bitch like you!
You Actually keep count of what you've done for our daughter. Me, I lost count of everything I do for her a long time ago bc who fuckin does that on their kid? Who keeps count?!?

Just a few months and I don't have to even think of you. Just see you twice more at graduation and wedding.
Now, we're just gonna live well.
And since I haven't touched her child support since December I'll actually get to give my baby her well deserved car down payment for graduation!!
I always wanted that for my girls but never could.