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little white dresses

Today,the desire to look better,smell better,and thus feel better causes consumers worldwide- mostly women to spend an estimated $65 billion annually on personal enhancement-cosmetic .This estimate is 2001 not talking about this years.
It is reported that "an estimate 1,282 tubes of lipstick and 2,055 jar of skin care products are sold every minute.( Beauty in the mind and wallet of beholder).Everyone wants to look or considered pretty.The pull of vanity begins early in life.Modern society places enormous emphasis on beauty.As a result,recent studies demonstrate that even every little girls are unhappy with themselves to the point of depression,with many actually contemplating suicide as a result. Funny life.They feel that they do not measure up to their peers or favourite movie star.Today,the obsession with being beautiful has led nearly 10 million adolescent and teenage girls into eating disorders. little white dresses
Semiramis is known as the mother of all harlots.She used makeup as well as suggestive whorish clothing,just to seduce men to get money.The earliest representation of women show them either nude or clad in tightly fitting white linen skirts down to the ankles.Generally it is understood and said that "ONLY BAD WOMEN WEAR MAKEUP".The use of cosmetic spread from culture to culture .Civilization adopted its own method of applying and producing cosmetic.This shows how the Assyrian,Babylonian,Persian and Greek cultures all took their lead from Egypt.
Even before its use in Egypt,the original painted harlot was samiramis ,the mother -wife of Nimrod and the founder of the BABYLONIAN MYSTERY RELIGION (JEREMIAH 4;30)
This is important to understand ,it is the great whore called Mystery,Babylon The Great the mother of Harlot and abormination of the earth (REVELATION 17:5)who dresses in purple scarlet in verse 4 and rides a "scarlet coloured beast i verse 3.This woman is a picture of large false,counterfeit religion system now masquerading as christianity.