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modest prom dresses under 100

So below is a post from my friend but could not share so I copied if you can help let me know and I will put you in touch with Margie Lytle . Thanks for any help you can give. Ps this will be Haydens school next year.
Hi friend!
There has been something that has been laying on my heart for awhile and I am hoping you can help!

As many of you know my girls go to Redington High School. What you may not know is that it is an extremely unaffluent area and we have numerous kids who don't have food, housing, or support at (what is suppose to be) home to give these kids some of the perks that we enjoy everyday.

Well our schools first prom is looming around the corner and I am asking you to help bring a little joy to some of our kids by donating formal dresses, heals, suits, or dress shoes. I know i have saved several of my girls old dresses and they have given them out to girls who cannot afford a new dress. Cleaning out my own closet i know that i have a few dresses that i dont wear that could be donated as well! modest prom dresses under 100

I am wanting to hold a formal attire giveaway before prom (in April) to help offset some of the cost to our students so that they might be able to attend and enjoy this event! If you are interested in helping please feel free to contact me and/or give donations directly to me or to the school registrar Wendy. Thank you in advance for your support!