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velvet prom dresses

Do you know how good it feels to go shopping, buy a sexy cocktail dress you have literally no need for, and have ZERO guilt when you swipe your debit card? velvet prom dresses

This happened today. Thanks to my side hustle. Also bought two other “regular outfits” for Sunday’s photo shoot.

I’m just out here trying to live my best life y’all... you can sit on the bleachers or you can join me... totally your call.

But I can tell you it’s worth it to feel that weight lifted off your chest and have a little wiggle room in your finances.

And yes, that’s my hair, that was cut to a short bob two months ago, that now fits into a high pony...? ??‍♀️ ??‍♀️ ??‍♀️

# magicalhairproducts