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Mature audiences only 18+ Adult language and situations and L/G scenes

Clarissa is an acclaimed journalist and blogger, who sets out to show the erotic side of prostitution by writing a blog article to her followers. She speaks to six women, in six different cities, and she has them tell her one of the hottest encounters with one of their clients.

The first she interviews goes by the name of Vixen. After suffering tragedies no child should endure, she found a way to take back control of her life. She recites the hot and steamy scenes with her client Brandon.

The second she interviews is Diamond and she didn't have the easiest childhood. Having to grow up too fast and take care of her younger siblings sets the tone for the rest of her life. Diamond does whatever she has to in order to keep them all together. She reveals this along with her hot encounter with Sarah.

The third she interviews goes by the name Candy. After giving a bit of information about herself, Candy then takes Clarissa on a journey of the steamy threesome she engaged in with Marcus and his friend, Stefan.

The fourth she interviews goes by the name Madeline and there is more to her than meets the eye. Born with the same silver spoon in her mouth as Clarissa, what reason could she possibly have to sell her body to the highest bidder? She reveals her secrets as well as her roll in the hay with Kyle.

The fifth she interviews goes by the name Star, who is still trying to overcome a trauma from her childhood. In the midst of her storm, she uses sex as an escape from her life. She then recounts her encounter with the sensual couple Alexi and Niko.

The sixth she interviews goes by the name Asterisk, who left an abusive marriage and ended up on the streets with nowhere to turn. Some ladies on the streets took her in and she's not looked back since. Sit back and relax as she recounts the sexy encounter she helped facilitate between Jonathan and his boyfriend Noah.

What reviewers are saying...

5star: 5 kiss and tell stars!!! Holy hotness, what did I just read?? This is quite a sexy little box set!!
This box set is definitely worth the read!! Each book in the box is hotter than the next! I loved the whole concept of each book! I don’t think I could even pick a favorite if I could! Each story is so hot and sexy. This is the first book I’ve read of this author, but if all her books are like this one, I’ll be looking into her others!!! Great job!

5star: This is the little red dress that you keep hidden in your closet and take out on special occasions to look smoking hot! You shouldn't think that the stories of prostitutes are steaming, arousing and enticing - but Kiss And Tell says otherwise, making it one of my dirty little secrets that I'll absolutely enjoy for quite some time. These six stories are absolutely hot, and if I could have added extra flames to my 5 flame ratings, I absolutely would have, simply because I couldn't figure out if these stories could have been fiction or reality [yes, they were that good]. yellow mother of the bride dresses

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